kapang livulivuwan: 掃描照片 – Scanning Photos

今天很榮幸來到佳興木雕大師kapang livulivuwan ( 沈安日)夫婦的工作室。kapang 是傳統木雕工作者, 太太luzem是編織老師.說明我的來意後很熱情的招待我並大方分享家裡的照片。 相片的內容包含三個時代的日常生活還有部落慶典與kapang 老師初學木雕至今的照片.

當我們一同追憶童年快樂時光和分享部落木雕歷史的相片,同時也發現了一個令人感嘆的事實,照片裡有很多從事木雕藝術的老師都相繼離世包含昨天離開我們的vuvu camake tjukalavas,。

看這些照片讓我們意識到vuvu camake 的離開給puljejti一個很大的衝擊. Puljetji木雕文化逐漸凋零, puljetji 中生代木雕師kapang將扛起保護木雕文化傳承的重責大任. 看這些照片看見kapang從學木雕到泰武國小教學到現在自己創作擁有工作室,是 很艱苦的一個過程需要很多的時間,耐心,很值得分享給下一代. 這些照片不僅分享回憶也給它傳遞給下一代需要的奉獻和辛勤工作。

Today we were lucky enough to be able to share time with kapang and luzem livulivuwan. kapang is a local wood carver of puljetji village while luzem is a teacher of hand weaving. The couple were kind enough to share with us their family photographs. Their pictures spanned three generations of family events and everyday life of puljetji.

Throughout the joy of reminiscing the happy days of childhood, an underlining sadness remained as we were able put in to pictures the wood carving history of the village. The source of this sadness was that the previous night camake tjukalavas, a renowned master wood carver of puljetji village had passed away.


This upsetting news juxtaposed with photographs documenting the development of kapang as an artist reinforced the poignant role of kapang as the heir and guardian of an important local skill. The photos show kapang first as the apprentice wood carver working at his home. In the later pictures we see him taking the role of Taiwu Elementary woodcraft teacher and continued transition to his current role as a guardian of puljetji wood carving traditions. The pictures share not only the memories but also the dedication and hard work needed to pass it on to the next generation.


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