tuku alev: 掃描照片 – Scanning Photos

第二位部落的vuvu與我們分享有關tuku alev家族的相片。這位75歲的vuvu從塵封已久的電視櫃下的抽屜裡拿出了相簿,抽屜裡共有10餘本關於家族的相簿。tuku 還因為幾本相簿不見了對我們感到不好意思,說有些相簿是因為女兒出嫁而帶走。



The second vuvu in the village to share with us their family photos was tuku alev. From a dusty draw under the television this 75 year old village elder produced more than 10 photo albums of family photographs. Tuku even apologised for absence of several albums of older pictures, which had been taken by her daughter who now lives in a nearby town.

The absence of photos was a recurring theme throughout the afternoon as together we sifted through the albums. In many of the collections there were empty spaces where prized photos had been taken as children and relatives left the village. These absences highlighted the importance of our current work as not only being a chance to document the past of the village but also to create electronic copies of family photographs to help to preserve the images and memories.

The remaining albums and photographs were none-the-less a priceless source for this project. Reflecting upon the photos that were scanned it occurred to us that not only the aesthetic beauty of the photos was important but the reasons behind each individual photo. Many were capturing important events such as weddings or village gatherings, however some were of specific items. One picture which stood out was a picture of handmade clothes. The choice to take this photograph represents the pride and importance placed upon handmade clothing encompassing family designs and emblems, a sharp contrast with modern consumption which sees clothes bought and disposed of with little thought.


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